Survey Seeks to Measure Costs and Earnings of Hawaii Charter Vessels

PIFSC Economist Justin Hospital and research colleague Courtney Beavers have designed and launched a survey to better understand the economic importance of charter fishing to the State of Hawaii.

The survey was mailed to charter boat owners and captains beginning in February 2012 and will establish important baselines to assess the economic impacts of future ocean management plans and fisheries management alternatives and actions.

The survey will detail many aspects of Hawaii charter boat fishing:

Although the survey is voluntary, researchers hope to hear from as many charter boat owners and captains as possible with a target of 125 surveys completed across the State of Hawaii. All personal information, survey responses, and comments will remain strictly confidential. If data collection is completed by April 2012, preliminary results should be available in late 2012 with summary documents developed and distributed to survey participants and other interested parties.