Research Brochure Details Economics of Charter-boat Fishing in Hawaii

PIFSC economist Justin Hospital and colleague Courtney Beavers of the University of Hawaii Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research recently released a brochure describing preliminary results of a survey of Hawaii's charter-boat fishing fleet. The brochure highlights key details about the important economic contributions of charter-boat fishing to the State of Hawaii. It is a way to provide timely feedback of research findings to the fishing community in a user-friendly format. The brochure, entitled "Hawaii Charter Fishing Cost-Earnings Survey 2012: Preliminary Results", has been distributed throughout the charter-boat fishing community.

Survey responses from approximately 48% of the fleet enabled Hospital and Beavers to construct a comprehensive profile of the current Hawaii charter fishing fleet and detail many aspects of charter fishing including: current levels of fishing activity, behavioral aspects of charter fishing, market participation, average trip costs, charter fishing-related expenditures, levels of investment, and the social and cultural importance of Hawaii charter fishing. The important study establishes current baselines that will be useful for assessing the economic and social impacts of possible future fishery management actions. The study results are stratified by county to provide added insights for fishery managers. A comprehensive report of the survey results will be published next year.