WPacFIN Central

WPacFIN Central, located at the PIFSC, consists of the program's core staff and manages the entire program. WPacFIN Central has assisted islanders to develop data collection programs to collect statistical information on local fisheries. Some of these long-term fishery data collection programs are

  • Offshore (boat-based) Creel Survey (implemented in all islands)
  • Inshore (shore-based) Creel Survey (implemented in all islands)
  • Commercial Trip Ticket Invoices or Purchase System (implemented in all islands)
  • Foreign Longline Tuna Transshipment (Guam)
  • Community-based Fishermen Volunteer Fish Catch Reporting (Guam)
  • Cannery landings (American Samoa)
  • Federal Longline Log Books (American Samoa)
  • Imported Fish (CNMI)
  • Local Boat Registrations (CNMI, American Samoa, and Hawaii)
  • Fishermen and Dealer Reporting (Hawaii)

Most of these programs are on-going, while some programs were temporarily suspended and restarted when local resources were available. These data collection programs are designed as major tools for local offices in monitoring of

  • Pelagic - Troll, Handlines and Longlines
  • Bottomfish - Deep and Shalow
  • Reef - Spear, Hook and Line, Gleaning, Net and Trap
  • Crustacean - Lobster and Shrimp

Besides providing local fisheries offices the technical expertise in designing and implementing data collection programs, WPacFIN Central provides training to islander staff on all the technical aspects in running the data collection programs and all necessary tools needed to run the programs successfully. This includes hardware, software, and proprietary fisheries data collection applications designed by WPacFIN. WPacFIN Central also manages the data collected from these programs. The following are some of the data management duties that WPacFIN Central performs:

  • Maintain and store a copy of the data at WPacFIN central to serve as a secondary off-site data archive
  • Serve as a conduit to distribute and share data between cooperating agencies
  • Provide data summaries in response to data requests from the National Marine Fisheries Service Headquarters (NMFS HQ), the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council (WPRFMC), the Pacific Islands Regional Office (PIRO), the Pacific Islands Fishery Science Center (PIFSC) and other agencies
  • Annual production of the "Fisheries Statistics of the Western Pacific" (FSWP) publication
  • Provide summary statistics of the Pacific islands module in the "Fisheries of the United States" (FUS) report
  • Provide data summary sections or modules from each of the WPacFIN islands for the annual Pelagic, Bottomfish, and Coral Reef Plan Team Reports published by the WPRFMC
  • Provide public timely data summaries on this web site
Last updated September 12 2011